Modulo Mundi Moves The Stars With Debut Single 20 July 2010

July 20, 2010 (SEATTLE, WA) — Techno project Modulo Mundi is gearing up to release its first single “Some of the Stars are Moving” on August 16. Three alternate versions of the title cut are included, along with the original and a remix of “Whatever Experience They Want,” the darkest track on this effervescent first effort.

The original versions are from the upcoming seven-song disc “The Tranquility Crucible,” inspired by what front-man bq Mackintosh calls “the transformation of the Black Rock Desert into a crucible of the extraordinary,” referring to a singular arts festival held annually on the dry lake bed. “Some of the Stars are Moving” relives a crowd’s discovery of illuminated skydivers during a nighttime descent.

Though this is his first release, “bq” (short for Blaque, which rhymes with opaque) Mackintosh is not new to electronic music, having cut his teeth in the labs of Thomas McKenney in the Midwest before relocating to Germany to absorb the proto-techno scene of the early 90s. More recently he’s been inspired by such Cologne-sound artists as Gui Boratto and The Field.

“The Tranquility Crucible” will be available in early October from most major online retailers. [ Hear the preview ]

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