11/08: Triple Release Launch Party Invitation 5 October 2010

Modulo Mundi is having a launch party on November 8 to celebrate the final of a trilogy of releases this year – and you’re invited. We have a great Capitol Hill venue with a no-host bar, and we’re busy lining up some hot DJs to prep your ears for the main course. “Stars” and “Crucible” CDs will be available, as well as t-shirts and stickers.

“Chasing the Horizon,” a four-track single EP, will be available on limited edition, signed mini-CDs in honor of its official release on this day.

7:00 – 10:00pm
Barca (Mezzanine)
1150 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA

So, come on down and support your local artist, and say thanks to Barca for hosting us by purchasing a drink. It would help us a lot of you could RSVP, either via our contact form, or our Facebook invite.

Release Summary:
Some of the Stars are Moving (Single EP, released August 16.)
The Tranquility Crucible (EP, released September 27.)
Chasing the Horizon (Single EP, releasing November 8.)